Ihsan Colak

Ihsan Colak


Graduated from Political Sciences Department, Istanbul University. Received his Ph.D. from CEUS, Indiana University. His dissertation title is “Secularization of the Muslim Mind: Defining Muslim Reformation Among Volga Urals Muslims” His interests include Volga Urals Muslim Intellectual tradition, Turkish Modernization, Ottoman Elites and Ideologies, Nationalism and Islamism in Turkish Politics.

Published a number of papers on these issues, and a book in Turkish titled “Modern Çağın Şafağında Bir İslam Alimi: Şahabeddin Mercani (An Islamic Scholar at the Dawn of the Modern Age: Shihabuddin Marjani)

He taught World History and History of Political Thought at Suleyman Shah University, Istanbul, Turkey in 2013-14.

Currently teaches Ottoman and Modern Turkish at MESAAS at Columbia University.