Sakıp Sabancı Center Spring Event Calendar

January 14, 2024

The Sakıp Sabancı Center for Turkish Studies is excited to announce our event calendar for Spring 2024! We will be hosting a range of lectures, book talks and seminars, as well as our Sakıp Sabancı Center Annual Lecture and our Dissertation and Summer Fellows' Showcase. See the list below for more details, as well as links to specific event pages!


Monday, January 22

Book Talk: The Afterlife of Ottoman Europe: Muslims in Habsburg Bosnia Herzegovina 

Fayerweather 411, 5:00-6:30 PM

Featuring author Leyla Amzi-Erdoğdular (Rutgers University), with discussants Mark Mazower (Columbia University) and Zeynep Çelik (Columbia University). Moderated by A. Tunç Şen (Columbia University).

Friday, February 23

Seminar: Unveiling the Turkish Business Landscape Since the Republic

12:30 PM

Featuring Ayşe Buğra, Behlül Üsdiken, Begüm Adalet, Devrim Adam Yavuz and Murat İplikçi.

Panel organized by Murat İplikçi, Postdoctoral Fellow, Sakıp Sabancı Center.

Monday, March 4

Lecture: Quiet Revolutions and the Ends of the Ottoman Empire

Schermerhorn Hall, Room 807, 6:00 PM

Lecture by Christine Philliou, UC-Berkeley

Tuesday, March 25

Book Talk: Portraits of Empires: Habsburg Albums from the German House in Ottoman Constantinople

Schermerhorn Hall, Room 807, 6:00 PM

Book Talk by Robyn Dora Radway, Central European University

Wednesday, April 17

Sakıp Sabancı Center Annual Lecture: Turkey's Troubled Constitutional Experiment

Low Library Faculty Room, 4:00 PM

This year's Sakıp Sabancı Center Annual Lecture will be given by Aslı Ü. Balı, Professor at Yale University.

Monday, April 22

Lecture: Ideological and Issue Voting in Polarized Societies: Turkish Elections in the Last Decade

Schermerhorn Hall, Room 807, 6:00 PM

Lecture by Mert Moral, Sabancı University.

Friday, April 26

Seminar: Mare Fugitivum: Fugitivity and the Making of the Ottoman Mediterranean

Location TBD, 4:00 PM

Featuring Andreas Guidi, Hazal Özdemir, Youssef Ben Ismail, Zavier Wingham.

Organized by: Ayşe Polat, Postdoctoral Fellow, Sakıp Sabancı Center

Friday, May 3

Dissertation and Summer Research Fellows Showcase

Zoom Webinar, 1:00 PM